Want to give your communication strategy a boost? Consider adding podcasts to the mix. Statistics show that 44% of Americans listen to podcasts on a regular basis. So why not add them to your next communication plan?

Here we share a case study where we used podcasts for successful internal communication.

What our client needed

One of our large clients wanted a unique way to help employees achieve financial well-being. A PricewaterhouseCoopers study found that almost half of employees are less productive at work due to worries about their financial health. Also, an internal survey revealed that the client’s employees were interested in learning more about managing money.

Our challenge was to find an engaging way to present a topic that makes most people’s eyes glaze over.

How PartnerComm approached it

To meet the challenge, we worked with our client to create a six-part podcast series focused on the financial basics. Each episode covered a key topic — budgeting, debt, credit scores, emergency funds, Health Savings Account and retirement — and offered actionable steps employees could take. To keep the podcasts entertaining, we added music, sound effects, multiple speakers and healthy doses of humor.

We piloted the first episode to a group of employees and received positive feedback. 91% of them confirmed that podcasts were a good way to reach employees.

Given that, we rolled out the full series. We posted the podcasts online and almost everywhere podcasts are available. Then we promoted them through text messages, headphone giveaways and other promotional materials.

How employees responded (hint: they loved them!)

Of the nearly 6,500 employees who listened to the podcast:

  • 87% said they learned one thing they could apply to their life.
  • 74% said they were better equipped to deal with their financial well-being.
  • 70% said they made at least one change in the way they approach their financial well-being.

The podcasts were such a hit that we later created additional podcasts on other health and well-being topics.

Want more inspiration?

Explore our other case studies including some from our award-winning campaigns, for more creative ideas. Many of these approaches and communication tools could work for internal and external campaigns. Of course, we’d also be happy to partner with you and help brainstorm something new.