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PartnerComm Leave of Absence Planning Tool

Just a few inputs help your employees understand all their leave options.

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The Leave Place, PartnerComm’s Leave of Absence Planning Tool, is a digital platform that provides employees with support before, during and after their leave of absence, ensuring a successful and smooth return to work.

The ultimate planning tool

This is the centerpiece of The Leave Place. This customizable all-in-one leave of absence planning tool simplifies the leave process by clearly showing what types of leave an employee can take. Employees answer questions about their unique situation — where they live, how long they’ve worked for the company, employment status and more. Then, the site generates a visual, easy-to-understand timeline. Employees see a full picture of their leaves, including national, state, local and company-specific leaves.

Easy-to-use checklists

Customizable checklists pull everything employees need to do into one place. Planning a leave of absence is easier when employees can see an outline of all tasks they need to do before, during and after leave. This helpful feature makes taking a leave of absence less overwhelming.

Don’t-miss benefit spotlights

The Leave Place highlights specific company benefits that are most relevant for each type of time away from work. Employees can see valuable benefit information when they need it most.

Manager conversation guides

Empower your managers to make the employee experience positive before, during and after planned and unplanned absences. Equip leaders with a conversation guide to ensure nothing falls through the cracks when an employee is taking leave. This guide outlines exactly what managers and employees need to discuss in their pre-leave and post-leave conversations and supports managers as they connect with employees during this time.

Practical resources

The Leave Place is the perfect spot for employees to access relevant resources throughout the leave of absence process.

  • Podcasts and videos — These are the best media for tackling the human element of taking a leave. Using an authentic human voice helps engage managers in topics that may otherwise feel administrative, like “pre-leave conversation do’s and don’ts.” And offering another communication channel makes it easier for employees to learn about everything from best practices for creating a transition plan to working with the leave administrator.
  • On-demand trainings — These can be short and sweet or in-depth — it all depends on your audience and your message. Are you trying to give employees a high-level look at the leave process at your company? Or are you equipping HR with the nitty-gritty details they need to facilitate leaves? Whatever the goal — we can create a training that is the right fit.

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