Who We Are

Your go-to internal
communication consulting firm

We combine HR content expertise with ad agency-level creativity to tell your story. And we do it all in house — from writers to programmers and everyone in between.

Who’s Behind PartnerComm?

Our team of talented writers, designers, programmers, videographers and lawyers have delivered jaw-dropping, transformative work to all of our clients for 30 years. But we couldn’t do what we do without the leadership and guidance of our 3 founders, who take a hands-on approach with every client and every project.

John T. Korinek, PhD
President & CEO
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Laurie Korinek
Chief Creative Officer
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David Lee
Co-Founder & Special Advisor
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Our DNA: What makes us unique

  1. We never settle.
  2. We’re always willing to regroup and revamp, even when we’re almost done. Because the right solution trumps extra elbow grease every time.
  3. We tell it like it is. You hire us to be visionaries, not order takers.
  4. We’re perfectionists.
  5. We’re fanatics for our clients. We do whatever it takes to get the job done and make you the hero.
  6. We make the impossible possible. On time. Every time.
  7. We challenge each other and you.
  8. We’re always looking for new and better ways to do something. We give you work that’s best in class. Nothing less.
  9. We aren’t afraid to do heavy lifting. Handling loads of content is in our wheelhouse.
  10. No project is too small. No ask is too big. Everything we do, we do with passion.

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We help organizations identify opportunities, create strategies, put solutions in place, and drive results for their internal brand and employees. Connect with us on social media to learn how we're changing the world one big idea at a time.



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