Cisco Open Enrollment Case Study

Discover how we created targeted and persuasive messaging to encourage medical plan migration.



Cisco wants employees to have all the information they need to choose the right medical plan for their health care needs and budget. For 2021 Benefits Enrollment, Cisco and PartnerComm focused on helping employees understand how Cisco’s most cost-efficient plans can save them (and the company) money.


  • Help employees see that, when it comes to Cisco health care, higher cost does not mean higher quality.
  • Debunk common misconceptions and effectively communicate the value of the cost-efficient plans.


  • Targeted emails based on current medical plan enrollment
  • Targeted home mailer to employees eligible for two of the most cost-efficient plans
  • A custom online tool where employees can get a medical plan recommendation based on questions about expected health care usage and preferences
  • A custom online tool where employees can see a side-by-side comparison of their medical plan options
  • Detailed Webex information sessions

The Results

  • 16% of employees migrated out of Cisco’s least-efficient national plan.
  • 9% of eligible employees migrated into Cisco’s most-efficient national plan.
  • 13% of employees migrated into Cisco’s two highly efficient Bay Area plans.
  • More than 6,000 unique visitors used the Cisco Medical Plan Selection Tool or Cisco Medical Plan Comparison Tool.

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