Effective leadership communication fuels the success of an organization. Know why it’s essential and which techniques you can use to connect with your employees.

Why Leadership Communication Is Important

A great leader informs, inspires and motivates your employees so they can help your organization thrive and grow. Your leadership communication strategy should reflect these key components:

  • Help employees understand the goals of your organization and how they can support them.
  • Communicate changes effectively, including the reasons for making them and the impact on employees.
  • Build trust throughout the organization with open and transparent communication.
  • Reinforce your company’s culture and values with consistent actions.
  • Let employees know that their opinions matter, so they feel respected and engaged.
  • Promote the total rewards package that employees receive for the work they do.

Leadership Communication Techniques

Communication skills don’t always come naturally to business leaders. But you can improve your communication by focusing on these techniques:

Be clear and authentic.

Use a friendly style, as if you’re having a conversation with someone. Avoid jargon and corporate speak. Find examples and stories to help illustrate and reinforce your messages.

Know your audience.

Understand what motivates them. Walk in their shoes. Keep an open mind. Think about how your message will affect them and tailor your communication to their needs and perspectives.

Communicate frequently.

An effective leader doesn’t allow any room for wrong information or rumors. Share updates regularly — using the right communication channels so you reach everyone.


Provide opportunities for two-way communication. Make sure employees feel comfortable speaking up. Use informal feedback and formal surveys and focus groups to understand people’s opinions, priorities and concerns. Adjust your communication strategy to reflect what you learn.

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