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Communicating the full value of the pay, benefits and growth opportunities available to your people.

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Total Rewards is a way to imagine the complete package of benefits, compensation, incentives and support programs offered to employees. Communicating Total Rewards can help support company culture and reinforce employees’ sense that they are valued team members.

What is Total Rewards?

It’s is a high-level term to describe the full suite of pay, benefits and growth opportunities offered to employees. It’s all about looking at the wholistic value of your company’s offering. Strong messaging reinforces employees’ perceived value of their employment experience.

Why is Total Rewards important?

An effective Total Rewards program can drive organizational change and contribute to reaching macro-level business goals. Thinking strategically is a powerful wait to motivate, attract and retain employees — you can boost employee engagement, and offer intrinsic and extrinsic value.

Communicating Total Rewards

At PartnerComm, we focus on 3 best practices to effectively communicate Total Rewards:

  1. Be strategic.
  2. Create unique branding.
  3. Promote the “why.”

The goal is to deliver an experience where employees feel supported, valued and like they matter to the company.

Be strategic.

Creating a customized, thoughtful communication strategy is an important first step. Think about short- and long-term opportunities to reinforce your goals.

Stakeholders — As you design strategy, involve stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds. A Total Rewards strategy should reflect the goals of top leadership, but also resonate with entry-level and individual contributors.

Well-rounded components — Total Rewards is more than compensation and benefits. It encompasses many elements of the employment experience, such as wellness, personal development, long-term incentives and more. The components should offer “something for everyone.” You want all employees to feel attracted to and included in the package.

Consistent messaging — Use clear and consistent language across all channels and/or sectors of the company. A carefully crafted voice for all communication helps employees internalize your messaging and ultimately perceive value.

Create unique branding.

An eye-catching look and feel legitimizes your strategy and helps communication stand out from the clutter. Give Total Rewards a special visual identity that complements the broader company brand. Communication should feel like a part of broader internal communication, while also standing out as a standalone initiative. Think carefully about colors, typeface, photography/imagery and taglines that will speak to your employees more powerfully.

Promote the “why” behind Total Rewards.

Your communication strategy should include messaging that conveys why rewards are a priority and why yours are special. What message are you hoping to send to employees? How do you want to make employees feel about where they work? Does your company have a unique mission that employees can rally behind?

Communication — especially as you’re rolling out the strategy — should answer these questions for employees.

Total Rewards communication: an example

PartnerComm was invited to create a custom Total Rewards strategy for a global food and beverage company. Our first 3 goals were to identify the visual style, what to inspire in employees’ minds and hearts and desired outcomes. From there, we created a detailed plan spanning a calendar year; with different themes, focuses and tactics laid out for each quarter.

Our strategic approach resulted in a unique and thoughtful tactical plan for the client to implement. Once the strategy was created, we partnered with the client's subject matter experts to create the individual communication pieces.

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