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Getting the right talent in the door — and keeping them for the long term.

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Talent management is the process of attracting, onboarding, developing and retaining high-performing employees — and your human resources department is the backbone of it all. Planning and executing your talent management strategy well is the key for hiring talented people from your industry and guiding them through a career with your organization.

What is talent management?

Talent management helps define your brand and can be revolutionary for your company. If you have successful talent management practices within your organization, it will help set you apart from competitors — especially during the hiring process.

You have to strongly consider potential candidates and new hires when developing your talent management strategy. What will they care about when searching for a job? What will matter to them during their first days with your company and all the years that follow? The right strategy can help you attract the right people that fit your company’s “vibe” and become high performers during their time with you.

But talent management also affects your current staff — those who are new and those who have been with you for years. A piece of your strategy should focus on guiding your employees through their career with your company. And if you have the right talent management practices in place, you’re more likely to stay in sync with your employees and have higher retention rates.

Why is talent management important?

Simply put, talent management is vital to your organization’s success. Having a well-thought-out and executed talent management strategy can be the difference in the candidates you’re able to attract, and which high performers choose to remain with your company throughout their career.

And don’t forget to revisit your strategy each year in order to grow and progress with society and take your company in the direction you want it to go. Sounds like a big deal, right? Because it is!

Create your talent management strategy

PartnerComm can help your company craft messaging that’s targeted to new hire candidates — and then design a communication piece that reflects your company culture and brand. Your human resources staff will then be equipped with something to hand out when meeting with candidates — whether it be a brochure that lists the most beneficial benefit offerings for your target candidates or a flyer that includes quick tidbits about your company and benefits.

When your human resources team is able to provide a tangible piece of communication to refer back to, you can count on having a leg up on other organizations that are empty-handed. And, you don’t have to fear breaking the bank! You can keep this effort simple and still leave a lasting impression on new hire candidates.

If your preference is to think outside of the box, we can help with that, too. We can build a website together that piques everyone’s interest — from entry level roles to middle managers and even executives. We’re here to partner with you in bringing your talent management communication vision to life, no matter the ask.

But remember, your strategy shouldn’t begin and end with potential candidates. In order to have high employee retention, you will need to focus in-house as well. The idea is to communicate often enough with employees that they’re in the know and engaged with what’s going on at the company — and that they feel prepared to perform well and grow in their role.

A talent management example

A top architecture firm realized they needed help equipping their managers and executives with the right tools to be successful on the job. So, we helped their team build a talent management website tailored to employees who manage people and are leaders at the firm.

The result? A well-organized, educational website that focuses on six key areas: attracting and hiring, onboarding and transitioning, developing and coaching, celebrating and engaging, leading and building trust, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Through this website, managers and executives are provided a wealth of information and tips on how best to cultivate relationships and communicate with employees they manage, and also ways to keep everyone engaged and happy to come to work. They’re able to read testimonials from other managers and executives at the firm, and the website helps them feel prepared in their career with the company and managing employees on their team.

Equipping leadership and management from the top down is critical. Employees are able to be more comfortable and prepared in their role because their manager has the tools necessary to best guide them through their job. The website is a win-win!

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