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Grassroots wellness that engages employees.

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We develop custom employee wellness platforms designed to help you create a culture of health, engage employees in behaviors that will improve their physical and mental wellbeing and help you recruit and retain employees that value wellness. If you’re looking for a solution that goes beyond the typical corporate wellness norms and actually engages employees enough to make a positive impact on their health and productivity, we can help.

Customized for you

Our wellness platform is developed and designed to meet your business objectives and target the needs of your specific employee population. From custom health and wellness programs and tools to wearable devices integration, team-based competitions, persona-based targeting and personalized dashboards, it’s built from the ground up, for you.

Based on research

Our content is science-backed, written from scratch and relevant to your employee population. Whether you want to focus on nutrition, exercise, resilience, mindfulness, mental health or chronic disease, our in-house PhDs use peer-reviewed research to inform the educational experience and tailor it to your employee demographics and characteristics.

Provides an interactive learning experience

We create an active, engaging experience by using a combination of text and visuals, an interface design based on what the best in the industry are doing, real-world examples that a user can relate to, web tools built to accomplish the learning objective at hand and employee generated content through features like polls and social network components.

Easy to use

No one uses wellness platforms or mobile apps that are hard to access or complicated to navigate. Our design and information architecture is easy to use, built around the specific actions you want your users to take and the emotions you want your users to feel. Our goal is to enagage in the moment and keep users coming back.


We use a profile creation process with self-selected preferences and pair it with custom wellbeing quizzes to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message. This allows us to drive action and long-term behavior change, because the user is receptive to the message and has the opportunity to engage in the target behavior.

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