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We define and implement effective communication strategies in the workplace.

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We design custom employee communication strategies designed to meet your specific business goals and communication objectives. Whether you’re looking to promote migration to an efficient medical plan, ingrain a culture of wellness or drive participation in an underutilized solution, we can help.

Built for you

Every single strategy we create is custom-built — taking into account your specific objectives, audience characteristics, company culture, past successes, available communication channels, digital landscape and more.

Based on best practices and research

Before embarking on any project, we analyze the landscape of related research from reputable sources and study relevant emerging trends and communication best practices. Our Ph.D. team has also conducted proprietary research with thousands of employees over the years, which we regularly apply to our work.

Right for the situation

Our strategies can be as simple as a 1-pager with a list of tactics and timing. Or, when it’s merited, they can be extremely comprehensive and include a situation synopsis, detailed objectives, desired outcomes, a complete audience analysis, tactics/vehicles, timing and key messages. We work with you to land the right level of intervention (and detail) for your needs and create the most successful internal communication possible.


All of the strategies we create include measures of success. These vary widely depending on the project, but can include participation analytics, plan migration stats, website hits and user behaviors, email open rates and employee feedback.


We track the success of our strategies over time and stay nimble. If we aren’t getting the results we’re expecting, we revisit our approach and try something else. Our strategies aren’t fixed — they evolve in response to changing circumstances and the data we gather.

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