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PartnerComm Retirement Planning Tool

A personalized action plan for the months leading up to retirement.

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PartnerComm’s Retirement Planning Tool provides employees with a retirement action plan in a fully customizable web application. It helps HR teams reduce case escalations and helps employees manage the transition into retirement.

Completely customizable

PartnerComm works with you to land the right questions/inputs, logic and content to meet your objectives. The tool can be completely customized to your brand, processes and plans.

Drives consideration and action

A simple interface walks your employees through everything they have to think about and do in the years and months leading up to retirement. Critical milestones and required actions that drive success are highlighted.

Links to forms, contacts and resources

Employees can quickly download their retirement paperwork from the tool and find relevant contact information. You can also link them to important support resources (like your Employee Assistance Program) for help with the transition.

Explains employee benefits

Help employees understand which benefits will end with retirement, which continue, and which can be ported or converted. You can also outline their health care coverage options in retirement.

Single source of truth

House all of your retirement information and documentation in one place. Your employees can find everything they need and updates are simple.

Print template

Those who prefer a written to-do list can use the print style sheet.

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