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PartnerComm’s interactive quizzes and games offer a unique and fun way to share information with employees. This communication method educates employees in an exciting way and can also help identify areas where communication could be improved.

Customized just for you

We'll work with you to determine the best tool to help you accomplish your goals. We’ll also help you identify key objectives and what you’d like to accomplish. Maybe you want to increase engagement at company meetings and a Family Feud game would work well with your population. Or maybe you need to educate employees about privacy concerns and an multiple choice quiz would be best. Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them.

Matches company branding

It’s important that every piece of your communication plan has a cohesive look and feel. We can create quizzes and games that match your company’s brand, or a specific campaign brand, to help tie everything together.

Educates employees

Not only are quizzes and games fun, but they can also provide another way for employees to learn about a topic. Take our Beat Ben CDHP campaign, for example. Employees were able to explore the features and benefits of the CDHP before making their health care decisions during Open Enrollment.

Increases employee engagement

Adding an interactive element to your communication plan is a great way to get employees engaged in your messaging. Plus, if you can include an incentive every now and then, it usually helps to boost employee engagement even more.

Lives on your benefits website

Our quizzes and games can be integrated into your benefits website, which increases visibility and the likelihood of employees interacting with the tool.

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