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PartnerComm writes, designs and programs e-newsletters that grab attention, deliver key messages, entertain and inspire action. It’s a popular and effective way to reach employees — especially as more of them are working from home.

Easy access

95% of employees have smartphones. Even if they don’t sit at a computer for work, chances are they have a smartphone nearby. E-newsletters allow you to reach them where they are.


We can do so much more when creating an email newsletter. We can keep things interesting by linking readers to websites, videos, games, social media posts and more.

Best practices

We know how to write for e-newsletters, which subject lines boost open rates and how email content and email design work together to make calls to actions stand out.

Timely information

E-newsletters allow you to communicate more quickly and more often.

Technical expertise

First time sending an e-newsletter to employees? We ask the right questions upfront to make sure the newsletter format will work with your email system. And we can even send the newsletter to employees for you.


We can see in real-time how many employees open your newsletter, what they click on and how long they engage with it. We use this information to track trends, measure engagement and improve the e-newsletter going forward.


Our clients save money — no print, fulfillment or postage to worry about! And we save a few trees by going digital.

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