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Intuitive corporate learning management system (LMS).

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What is the PartnerComm learning and development tool?

PartnerComm's learning and development tool is a web-based collaboration and management system. It’s a custom-built learning management system (LMS) that can help HR communication teams enhance or redefine their employee training programs. Our digital learning platform delivers valuable information, learning content and resources quickly and easily for improved employee learning experiences.

In addition, our Learning and Development Tool is an ideal solution for global companies with multiple businesses and locations that require effective corporate training programs. Our corporate LMS tool provides a single training center that enables all employees to save time and reduce costs while providing increased opportunities for ongoing professional development.

Simple, intuitive interface

The easier you make corporate training modules, the better your employee participation. With our learning management system, learners can clearly find their course and step through the material in the tool’s simple user interface. Course instructors can also easily load source material (including documents and training videos) as well as links.

PartnerComm’s digital learning platform redefines employee communications by offering a set of training tools to help employees adapt and develop business skills upon employment and feel the trust that comes with growth within the workplace, all while supporting organizational transformation for greater shareholder value.

The key benefit of the PartnerComm learning and development tool is that it simplifies corporate training by setting up a direct connection between training facilitators and employees. It enables training content to be easily shared between parties from any device that has high-speed Internet access. This results in higher quality corporate training programs delivered more conveniently by widely distributed digital platforms that work in a network environment.

Drives employee engagement and participation

Enhancing employee learning and development is critical in an era of unprecedented change in the workplace. Changing priorities, new business models, and increasing global competition are forcing organizations to re-plan, reset, and overlay their corporate policies and procedures.

With our learning and development tool, employees can set personal learning goals and document their learning activities and milestones. Instructors can set up learning environments and define learning objectives for the course and assign work through the LMS software. If there’s class time, employees can quickly see when and where their online learning will take place.

The Learning and Development tool enables employees to take workplace knowledge to new heights and become lifelong learners. Our goal is to help encourage employee participation and drive employee engagement through effective training tools, lower barriers and simplify corporate learning while helping reduce costs of training and development.

Supports reflection

Employees can also create and maintain an online journal (visible only to them) with personal thoughts related to their corporate training coursework. They can also add tags to categorize their entries and upload files to organize their coursework.

Simple content management

Learning and development facilitators have their login to quickly add courses, add material to courses, and close courses. Our learning platform will take your corporate training to the next level.

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