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HR branding that reflects your culture and expresses your value proposition.

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PartnerComm’s branding services take a creative approach to what you’re trying to say and how you want to say it. With cutting-edge design work and the right tone of voice, our team can help you form a brand identity for benefits, wellness, retirement and more.


A successful brand evokes a powerful feeling — and that feeling is different for every client. When we work with you, we focus on how you want to feel when you read your employee communication. Perhaps you want your benefits communication to feel positive, quirky or modern. Maybe you want it to sound conversational and tug at your heartstrings. We’ll take all of these things into account as we help you with a brand strategy, which can even include crafting your mission statement.


In addition to doing show-stopping employee benefits campaigns, PartnerComm is a leading branding agency. That’s why we’re here to help you evolve your existing brand or throw it out the window and start fresh. Our team has years of experience creating thoughtful logo designs, color palettes and fonts that set the stage for your brand identity.


PartnerComm can help you create brand guidelines to ensure every piece you create has a consistent look and feel and resonates with your target audience. We’ve got pros with extensive experience who can communicate your unique voice, culture and look. And we’ll do it one, easy-to-navigate piece that everyone across your organization can use.


When you establish a brand, it doesn’t mean it can’t change. In fact, it should change with the times, as needed. That’s why PartnerComm’s brand strategy is designed to be flexible. We’ll help you modify your brand, whether that’s enhancing your logo, refining the color palette or updating the photography or illustration style.


Strong brands are recognized instantly. PartnerComm is an expert at creating brand awareness that aligns with your company culture and uses eye-catching graphics. Think Nike swoosh and the Apple icon — that’s how much of an impact we want your brand to have. And we’ll do everything it takes to get there.

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