KBR Annual Enrollment Case Study

Discover how we created a custom Annual Enrollment campaign and utilized targeted and persuasive messaging to encourage a better understanding of benefits.



In the past, KBR employees and their spouses/domestic partners found it difficult to locate information about their benefit options, and the information they could find was delivered in very traditional formats and with a highly conservative tone. KBR reached out to PartnerComm to help bridge the communication gap between a younger generation in the workforce and creating a more interactive benefits enrollment platform.


  • Engage a youthful audience used to quick consumption of digital information.
  • Support younger employees who lack a deep understanding of benefits.
  • Create an internal brand that promotes the value of benefits that many employees don’t understand.


  • Create a visually appealing internal brand and relatable communication tone.
  • Provide an interactive custom microsite directing employees to content in as few clicks as possible.
  • Heavily use graphic emails, infographics, QR codes, podcasts and short videos to support education-based decision making.

Ben's Benefits Breakdown — The Video

The Results

  • 56% of employees visited the microsite more than once.
  • Goal exceeded by 122% of employees who enrolled in the medical PPO plan.
  • 24% of employees listened to Ben’s Breakdown Podcast.

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