Amex Virtual Enrollment Tour Case Study

Check out how we helped Amex safely maintain their annual benefits fairs when in-person gatherings were no longer an option.



Amex has a rich history of hosting in-person events to increase employee engagement and share important information. When COVID-19 disrupted the world, Amex asked PartnerComm to rethink how to digitally deliver engaging content and communication for its Annual Enrollment (AE). Amex needed digital communication that could be easily accessed by its virtual workforce, anticipate health care needs, and that was engaging for U.S. benefits-eligible employees and their families.



Provide a meaningful way for employees to learn the new benefits information needed to make decisions. Ensure all audiences have easy-to-access information whenever they need it.


  • Create a custom AE walking tour on the Amex benefits microsite.
  • Convert traditional in-person vendor booths into sortable categories for digital exploration.
  • Customize a filtered outcome of benefits for each employee based on their interests and location in the U.S.

The Results

  • 20% increase in the average time spent on the microsite.
  • 79% of employees found the AE tour more helpful when selecting their benefits.
  • 70% of employees felt more prepared for AE compared to previous years.

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