Effective communication in the workplace is essential at all levels. It builds trust, provides clarity, and prevents problems. Clear, reliable internal communication can improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and create an inclusive environment.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can improve communication effectively to benefit your organization.

Understand where things are today

Good communication starts with understanding your audiences’ needs and how to reach them. Analyze the current state to identify issues – especially gaps in trust – among employees, influencers, managers and leaders. Evaluate the communications channels that work best for each way you want to share information and connect.

Craft a fantastic strategy

An effective communication process must be anchored in business objectives and deliver results for all stakeholder groups. Because every target audience is unique, your strategy should also be flexible. For example, it’s critical for HR to be good listeners during change initiatives. Hearing employee voices demonstrates that the organization cares and helps gather feedback that can help remove a barrier to effective communication.

Plan thoroughly and creatively

From our point of view, it all starts with identifying what key stakeholders need. For example, our change management and communication campaigns:

  • Increase awareness: Employees know that changes are coming.
  • Inform: Employees clearly understand what is happening, and when and how the changes might affect them.
  • Build buy-in: Employees see the changes as necessary for the organization and understand how they can individually contribute.
  • Reinforce engagement: Impacted employees learn and practice new desired behaviors and successfully transition with minimal disruption.

Effective communication also grabs (and deserves) attention. Good communication within an organization must use an authentic tone of voice and consistently connect to your business purpose. It should be creative and engaging across internal communications channels and social media. And it needs to improve clarity and build connection at work.

Bottom line?

Creating strategic internal communication should be a priority at every company.

Effective communication can help attract the best and brightest employees, retain talent and bring your company culture to life. It has the power to boost engagement and encourage lasting behavior change. Ongoing communication efforts take strategic planning, skillful creativity, constant evaluation and support every day from communicators, leaders and managers. We believe that effort pays off for your company and your people.

Get inspired

Effective communication can help HR return results that support business objectives. Reaching the right stakeholders at the right time with clear messages can reinforce purpose-driven behavior change.

With strategic, effective communication, Talent Management can see increased use of performance management systems. Benefits teams may see an increase in employees’ understanding and use of their benefits. That means a higher ROI on benefit program investments. And all of HR can see ongoing improvement in employee engagement scores with improved effective communication skills.

Check out these examples of effective communication results that PartnerComm has helped our clients reach.

Improve employee wellbeing (and the return on your benefits investment).

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we supported a global sports and media organization in responding to increasing employee stress and anxiety. To help employees feel supported, we created a month-long, visually compelling campaign to promote the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This form of communication raised awareness of the EAP and helped employees appreciate the value of the program.

We focused on reaching employees at work via email, given data about high email open rates at the time. And we refined messages based on employee feedback, which encouraged use of the EAP resources available to get support.

  • 67% of employees opened emails building awareness of well-being resources
  • Engagement with the EAP increased 190% during the campaign

Save on health care – for employees and the business.

We recently worked with a Fortune 100 global technology leader to create an effective communication strategy to educate employees about choosing a cost-efficient medical plan.

We created positive messages that inspired employees to make thoughtful decisions and not pay for more coverage than they need.We also introduced unique print materials and targeted digital experiences for employees. This mix of media encouraged meaningful change to how employees selected their health care benefits, which saved money for families and the company.

  • 21% of employees used an interactive tool to support annual benefits enrollment decisions
  • 16% of participants chose a lower cost medical plan

Retain (and attract) the best people.

After years of delivering on a comprehensive communication strategy together, our client was named one of the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune magazine!

We designed an effective communication approach to elevate the employment brand for this leading provider of marketing services. The strategy connected everyday messages with the company’s purpose and reinforced the unique culture. Consistent, meaningful efforts – guided by robust two-way communication and feedback – helped increase associate pride in working for the firm. As a Top 100 Best Company to Work For, our client could also put their best foot forward to potential new employees.

  • Top 100: Named to Fortune magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For

We can deliver effective communication results for you, too.

We’re ready to bring our expertise to your challenges and make communication work for you. Let’s talk about how we can help drive your business forward.