Effective employee communication is paramount. It has the power to inform, build trust, enhance employee engagement and create a positive company culture. Good communication can help drive performance, retain talent and even make employees more open to change. With many employees working from home, today’s workforce is dispersed, overloaded and inundated with competing tasks. This means now, more than ever, employers must cut through the noise to get important information noticed.

Four reasons it’s important to have an effective workplace communication policy

Companies that communicate effectively report higher levels of employee engagement and lower levels of turnover than companies that don't.

To increase employee engagement.

When you communicate regularly and effectively, you create a positive employee experience. Employees become more engaged, satisfied and confident in their role. Engaged employees lead to business results. They are enthusiastic about their employer, leading to higher retention rates, and increased revenue. When employees have these positive feelings, they’re likely to be more dedicated to the company.

To create greater understanding.

An effective internal communication policy decreases the chances for misunderstandings and the spread of misinformation in the workplace. When employees have more questions than answers, the results are speculation, frustration and lowered productivity.

To make it easy for employees to find information.

Employees want to be informed. It should be easy for them to find important and relevant information whenever they need it. Your communication strategy should meet employees where they are and take into consideration the communication methods employees prefer.

To foster better relationships.

Successful communication is a two-way street. It can improve trust and build better relationships between employees and senior management. It’s important for employees to feel safe and encouraged to share ideas and give feedback.

Make it a point to promote productive and meaningful conversations so employees feel like they have a voice. In return, your employees are likely to be happier in their jobs and more committed to your company.

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