Announcing a big change within your benefits program? Looking to educate employees about the benefits offerings currently available? An effective communication plan can help you make sure your message is received.

Let’s be honest…Benefit communications are not always the most exciting materials to read through. But these programs are important for employees and their families to know about, because they’re part of what makes your organization unique from a competitor. And if you aren’t communicating to your employees about what they are offered through your benefits program, chances are, they’re unaware.

Spend some time developing a communication plan to educate your employees about the benefits, tools and resources available to them. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Don’t be afraid to think big. A broad benefits communication strategy can help you develop your benefits communication plan based on your audiences, stakeholders and objectives.
  • Think about your timing. Ask around to understand if there are other competing communications going out at the same time as yours. It’s worth understanding other messages employees will be receiving to make sure your communications aren’t conflicting. For example, a message announcing major cost saving initiatives may not go well alongside a message announcing a new program that may be perceived as expensive by employees.
  • Emails and benefits flyers and PowerPoints, oh my! Use a variety of media methods in your communication plan. The rule of marketing is to present information in three unique ways – so it’s important to consider several creative approaches to communicate benefits information.
  • Develop a few templates. Having a consistent look and feel for your benefit communications will help employees recognize messages that come from Human Resources, which can help cut through the clutter.
  • Avoid using benefits lingo. As benefits professionals, we understand the difference between an HSA, an FSA and an HRA. Or how coinsurance works. But employees may not. Create jargon-free benefit communications that are simple, visual, if possible and easy to understand. Trust us, your employees will thank you.

A solid communication plan will help you stay on track when it comes to developing your benefit communication campaigns.

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