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Meaningful, signature experiences that evoke emotion.

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When clients need extra pizzaz, they count on PartnerComm for experiential communication. We can create an employee experience that brings communication to life.

Endless possibilities

There are countless ways to engage employees. We’ve created everything from giveaways and custom t-shirts to a large-scale event in a local sports stadium.

Completely customizable

PartnerComm works with you to choose the right experience for your audience, goals, message and budget. The more experiential communication is tailored to you, the more successful it will be.

Attention grabbing

Employees are busy and face so many distractions. Experiential communication is a great way to break through the clutter and get their attention in a fun, exciting way.

Fun and games

Gaming is a unique way to engage employees and make messages stick. In recent years, we’ve created arcade-style games, “Where’s Waldo” themed murals, Family Feud-style events and more.


Imagine the buzz as people talk about their giveaways, wear their t-shirts or hashtag event photos.

Meaningful impact

The goal of experiential marketing is to create an emotional connection. We do that for your employees. Along the way, we make an impact and boost employee loyalty.

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