AbbVie In Motion Case Study

Read on to see how we changed employee health behavior through a digital wellness solution.



Employee wellbeing is a core part of the culture at AbbVie, and the company has a history of engaging their workforce in several wellbeing events throughout the year. This includes their annual, team-based physical activity competition, AbbVie in Motion (AIM). Prior to 2020, AbbVie delivered this program through a stand-alone website. But employees participated in other company wellness events through a number of other sites, resulting in a disjointed experience. In 2020, AbbVie engaged PartnerComm to re-evaluate their program and create one cohesive wellness experience for all their company wellness events.


  • Engage employees in AIM (and other wellbeing events) in a completely virtual environment without local events or onsite promotion, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Enhance the user experience for AIM, including the registration process, team formation and data entry, and add an educational component.
  • Provide a more personalized wellness experience for employees.
  • Ensure employees continue to feel aligned with AbbVie’s mission to make wellbeing an integral part of their culture.


  • A custom designed and developed wellness site built exclusively in-house at PartnerComm, inclusive of login, profile, dashboard, events feed, social feeds, educational content, targeted content, global leaderboards, fitness device integration and team formation for all AbbVie employees.
  • A simplified user experience for AIM that amplifies the competitive nature of the event.
  • A persona quiz developed by PartnerComm based on psychology and personality research to assign a user a wellness persona and surface related health behavior tips.

The Results

  • 8,012 employees registered for AIM with a total of 795 teams.
  • 95% of registered employees logged at least 150 minutes per week of exercise activity for all four weeks of AIM.
  • In a survey of participants 85% strongly agreed that they were highly satisfied with the overall experience.
  • 81% of registered users completed the persona quiz.

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