Employee communications consultants are internal communication professionals. They use their unique skill set to help clients and companies achieve their employee communication goals and improve their overall employee experience.

Employee Communications Consultant Role and Responsibilities

Employee communications consultants are writers and communicators who are proficient in many aspects of communication and management including:

  • Copywriting and copyediting
  • Working collaboratively with clients and their teams
  • Creating and refining strategies
  • Managing scope of work and project plans
  • Engaging critical thinking skills
  • Conducting primary and secondary research
  • Delivering creative, effective solutions
  • Finding the right deliverables and channels for effective messaging

How Employee Communications Consultants Can Help You

Crafting a clear internal communications strategy can be an integral part of creating a strong, defined company culture. It can help engage employees, increase retention and open communication lines within your company. Employee communications consultants can help you with this.

Consultants are skilled in simplifying complex subjects, such as benefits and compensation, and streamlining your HR communication. For example, if employees are struggling to understand your retirement savings plan, consultants can identify the causes of their confusion, develop a comprehensive internal communication strategy, create solutions based on your employee population’s needs and your goals, distribute communication solutions, and measure and interpret project results.

Employee communications consultants are familiar with a range of internal communication and human resources topics, including:

  • Employee benefits
  • Open Enrollment/Benefits Enrollment
  • Healthcare
  • Leaves of absence and time off
  • Pay and compensation
  • Talent management and performance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Wellness and wellbeing
  • Retirement planning
  • Mental health and Employee Assistance Programs
  • Total Rewards

Consultants can help you plan specific campaigns like annual Open Enrollment or the introduction of a new wellness platform. Or they can create long-term communication plans that include several specific campaigns as well as general benefits and total rewards promotion to help reinforce the value of your benefits to employees.

Quick-thinking and adaptable, communication consultants understand that most strategic communications plans require a degree of flexibility. And they can offer creative solutions that fit within your budget.

Employee Communication Consulting Firms

Employee communication agencies and firms employ communication consultants who team up with you to support your internal communication goals.

In addition to writers/consultants, full-service agencies also employ graphic designers, art directors, web developers and programmers, videographers, attorneys, administrative staff, production coordinators and more. These employees work together with your communication consultant to deliver custom communication deliverables tailored for your employees.

Some full-service employee communication agencies, like PartnerComm, offer exclusive solutions. Because our people have diverse backgrounds and skill sets, we can create innovative solutions to provide the outcomes you’re looking for, including:

  • Custom designed and programmed benefits websites and apps
  • Retirement and leave of absence tools
  • Custom modeling tools
  • Engaging videos and podcasts
  • And more!

PartnerComm employee communication consultants are ready to help you achieve your internal communication and HR communication goals. Connect with us today to get started!